Win4News is an international news network and product trade certification company.  Our “Raw Unfiltered” talk show network helps create certification tests for creating better products, services.

Our results are communities being trained on the latest and greatest “human being quality” assurance combining quality processes / organizations to include Human Rights, Six Sigma, ISO9000, Fair Trade, Social Justice and Project Management Professional. 

Sick of fake news?  We do winning analysis of news you can use across numerous technology platforms delivering accurate truthful information to our viewers and listeners. 

Win Win Internationals

#Win4News, knows news and we need to share it to our world-wide audience.  Our vision is for this network to be all over the world with talk show hosts speaking various regional languages.  We take to our wilderness, cities and country side reporting live interviews that find out what is broken and their solutions.

Welcome to Win4News a world-wide news network and product rating system shining a bright light on how products and services can be compliant with win win.  Our vision is to grow this news network and rating quality assurance to be world-wide.  Report and rate news, products and services to help “have nots” be “haves”.

Our Winning Story

Our passion is what we call “Human Being Quality” ethical trading practices proactive rating criteria for business, charity and government that will define what a “win win” relationship is between the customer, employee and environment.  We are driven to help have nots struggling in poverty to become haves.  

PTSD In Military Veterans Healed Looking Glass Shattered Hostel Road To Recovery

PTSD In Military Veterans Healed Looking Glass Shattered Hostel Road To Recovery

This is the book that started #Win4News into reality:


Mission Statement

The employees, customers and producers take part in our initiatives to help bring an end to poverty and to end slavery.  We help train organizations to comply with the #Win4News human being quality standards. 

Win4News Certification

Eventually, Win4News Certified™ products, services, charities, governments will be world-wide.  Our Win4News certification initiative is a new method for shining a bright light on trade, services, governments, charity and businesses who take part in ethical stand point in global market places. 

The Win4News organization forms a partnership between the customer, employee, environment, charity, business and government when everybody celebrates ethical procedures.

Meet the Team

Human Being Quality rating of companies, charities and governments!


Founder and CEO

Daniel Roy Baron, is the American success story, author of Looking Glass Shattered, continually setting the standards of quality assurance excellence and public leadership.  Learn more from his bio at


Next Steps

Thank you for visiting Win4News we look forward to meeting with you to collaborate and see how we your organization can become #Win4News certified.

I left on April 1, 2011 to become backpack through massive travel and to learn the lessons of life with a Looking Glass Shattered: Raw Human Backpack Dummy’s 101 Users Guide to being a human being.  Available on Amazon Kindle:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078YJLDTM
Workshop: Looking Glass Shattered A Mind Body Approach to Healing Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0792PPJLR

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Learn more about the documentary we are working on in Brazil titled “Party Portuguese”.

Hello and welcome to win4news this is Daniel Roy Baron “Backpack”.   I go by Backpack from living for many years out of a Backpack and being a Backpack Journalist!

We have been creating talk shows, podcasts, videos, documentaries as a host and a guest of numerous talk shows for years on YouTube and podcast channels including BlogTalkRadio, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Libsyn and much more.

Backpack journalism requires a journalist to be a reporter, photographer, and videographer, as well as a host, editor and producer of stories. We built up these Win4News talk shows with little support from the outside, and now have over 20,000 subscribers. 

Why Support Win 4 News?
Think of this as a virtual tip jar with some pretty cool perks! The great thing about YouTube and Podcast channels are that they are completely free entertainment that people get to enjoy anytime of the day.

Operation Urban Shield is not what we are taught it is when we look at it from the have not view!