NFL Take A Knee Protests Make A Comeback

Take A Knee

Happy New Year 2018 everybody!
Take A Knee #TakeAKnee until the USA goes from its current corporation type attitude to get back to being a country.  The country Holland is a good example, while not perfect, they do have better social programs to help have nots become haves then what the USA has … says @DanielRoyBaron​​ with over 100,000 on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Instagram, Tumblr etc.
The Take A Knee protests as many professional NFL players refused to stand for the national anthem, up from just five last week and following two weeks of single-digit protesters to Corporate America struggling with police brutality, for profit private prisons and being greedy over helping people.
Aint no damn Santa goin down no damn chimney if your homeless.  

Learn more about how defenders of Urban Shield USA corporate military police exercises are ruining the America of have nots and minorities this is the America I loved in the 1970s which had less corporations and less corporate mentality and more mom and pop buy local compassion for the people.
One of the most important interviews Win Win did in 2017 showing police operation Urban Shield from a have not and minority view.

Black Lives Matter #BlackLivesMatter It’s two Americas entirely different one for the haves majority and the other for have nots and minorities. 
Here I am @DanielRoyBaron with King Deng also known as Makur Abiar on a recent visit.

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