Looking Glass Shattered America: 2 New Books We Recommend

Looking Glass Shattered America 

What is Looking Glass Shattered America?  Most are too busy in our face to screen robot techie go go go generation. We don’t have the luxury to stop and take the time to do an autopsy on America since the 70s. I have in my books and talk shows for the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful and most importantly overcoming.  The 1970s America had there problems however this is about what have we missed since then?
Our USA HUMAN RIGHTS records are in the toilet; we must stop our wars, stop Prisons from making profits, teach critical thinking and help human rights equality be for all people.  Was President Donald J. Trump Make America Great MAGA Merchandise Made in USA Sweat Shops?

 On day two of my fast hunger strike to help make America a country as I walk by our homeless sleeping outside a Whole Foods Hill Crest San Diego January 25, 2018 on the win win internationals YouTube channel.

I left on April 1, 2011 to become backpack and live learn my college name “Buddha” Backpack Buddha who what when where why how to be an advanced monk from the west with many of the lessons I learned from life: good, bad, ugly, pretty and overcoming are in my philosophy book Looking Glass Shattered just updated to 2018.  Learn more on Amazon Kindle and Paperback here:


It seems everybody in America has ptsd “needing to be anywhere from where you are now”.

My workshop: A Looking Glass Shattered Healed Revolutionary Approach To Treating Those Suffering from PTSD Trauma: A Mind Body Approach to Healing Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Learn more at this link.
My #3rd eye is now fully open. Today marks the beginning of my 1/25/2018 #HungerStrike.

I walk in the footsteps of non violence Compassion Freedom Heroes Ghandi & many others to start my Hunger Strike in protest of the following injustices world-wide:
* Materialism Greed Gluttony
* 1st world overindulgence & 3rd world starves
* End slavery in all forms 
* Legalize DRUGS use profits to build centers to help rehabilitate those who have addictions 
* The current have not / have -caste system
* For profit Jim Crow slave prisons
* Police state brutality 
* Slavery patriot act & video monitoring
* End GMO & fake filler foods
* End the wars 
* End the secret societies 
* End the federal reserve 
* Livable Wages 
* Win Win Trading practices were everybody wins; consumer, business, employee and environment. 
* We must rehabilitate our ghettos in Chicago, Atlanta, Mumbai, etc to be safe livable areas. 
All of these savings go into increased social services; free humane education, humane rehabilitating of our communities, free humane healthcare, free addiction recovery services and free humane housing to catch anyone when they fall this will all go a long way to actually make America be a 1st world country as we claim to be.
We are #TheResistance until America goes from its current corporation to be an actual country like Holland we all #TakeAKnee 
I’m working on some projects to help Africa and America with Makur Abiar also known as King Deng author of ” King Deng the original lost boys of Sudan”.  Learn more and buy his book here:
Feel free to contact me I’d be honored to be a guest on your talk show, article or ways we can improve America. I have put myself out there as a candidate for USA President in 2020 and possibly a run against Ted Cruz as a progressive for the senate seat.
I thank you kindly,
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