Win4News Differences Between Brazil and the USA.

Win4News differences between Brazil and the USA LIVE from Brazil!

Former Brazil President Lula is the front runner to be the 2018 President of Brazil and he lives in jail! Our win4news team from the USA along with Daniel Roy Baron are reporting live on the election years showing stories nobody is hearing about. Talk about things nobody cares, but should! This is our motto at #Win4News

Lula was convicted on madeup corruption charges however were they REAL charges? Where they just made up so that he would be in jail during the Presidential election or are they really true?

We think Lula was just accused of being corrupt so that he would lose the 2018 Brazil presidential election. Many people are crying every day in the streets of Brazil because the true leader and the true freedom fighter for Brazil is kept behind bars!!

Brazil’s real President Lula was imprisoned to keep him from running in the 2018 Presidential election! Learn more here:

It is a Presidential election year in Brazil and we here at #Win4News are covering this event intently. We are also reporting the news from the ground as it happens. The election will be on October 2018.

This is also an election year in the USA and while it is not Presidential it will include many members of Congress and the Senate and other areas of leadership in the USA government.

Watch this video to learn why we never ever refer to the USA as america or americans the future is to always refer to the USA as USAers or US’nssl. It is a racist word to call the USA america or americans watch this video to learn why!


This is the CEO of Win4News DanielRoyBaron interviewing live in the Sao Paulo area with Brazil citizens to further understand some differences between the USA and Brazil.

Our commonalities are very common and this expose reveals a lot of differences we are not hearing on mainstream media.

Stay tuned with the #Win4News international team as we break more stories about the “who what when where why how” backpack journalist questions and their answers live from our South America tour.

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Daniel Roy Baron has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration University of TN. Knoxville TN. (“his hometown”) with an emphasis on quality assurance/logistics and he has an Associates in Computer Science Pellissippii State Community College Oak Ridge TN.

He has over twenty years of quality “human” background with individual families communities countries with Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Federal.Government Centers for Disease Control CDC, and small companies like Ingenious Med.

PTSD In Military Veterans Healed Looking Glass Shattered Hostel Road To Recovery

PTSD In Military Veterans Healed Looking Glass Shattered Hostel Road To Recovery

Since April 1, 2011 he became known as Backpack from massive travels, authoring books, being a talk show host / guest on numerous talk shows in very uncomfortable places and filming hard hitting social issue documentaries on the #win4news #VoicesOfGlobalFreedom youtube and podcast channels. Interviewing guests from CEOs to homeless from progressive to conservative to alternative media talk shows.

Our new documentary titled “Party Portuguese” live from Brazil:

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