How will Democrats and Republicans lose in 2020?

How will Democrats and Republicans lose in 2020? Major political parties and Americans lose without electing a Progressive candidate like Daniel Roy Baron.

Our programs will include such things as universal healthcare, good quality single payor healthcare for all, a Federal guaranteed jobs program, rebuilding our D+ infrastructure and an economic Bill of Rights program based on former President Franklin Roosevelt.

Watch share and comment on our recently published 2020 Presidential campaign video available at this youtube link:

Daniel Roy Baron is a dissident candidate counter-culture hovering just above homeless for years. A unique candidacy based on years of quality safety work, quality experiences and most of all quality human beings.

Learn more about how the US can become a country.

We are really raw media #Win4News and we use raw to be all the things where we as individuals, families, communities and countries can bring in real solutions which will become the reverse of war.

#Win4News is an international activist news network and activist / advocate organization quality certification company. Our “Raw Unfiltered” talk show network helps create certification tests for creating better businesses, charities and governments.

We take to our streets, slums, wilderness reporting the local and international news. Survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times as we help struggling have nots become thriving haves. Our mission is to grow #Win4News and hire international backpack journalist talk show hosts. We report on the stories other media either ignores or hides.

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Why should Americans take a knee?

I’m mad as Hell and I am not going to take it anymore!!

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