Protesters March For Improved Gun Control In America

Protesters March For Improved Gun Control In America

Protesters March For Improved Gun Control In America. Recent March 24, 2018 March For Our Lives protests across America was a desperate call for people to end gun violence and help bring about greater gun control.  We are in a State of Crisis with Mass Shootings and thousands march while it seems are leaders could do much much more to help bring an end to the shootings in America that seem like they happen everyday.  What suggestions do you have for bringing better gun control?


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San Diego March 18, 2018
Thank your for watching, sharing and subscribing to this important Win News Network social issues event taking place across called “March For Our Lives” taking place in America on March 24, 2018.  In this interview on Friday March 16, 2018 we deep dive into discussions with Mohamed and Natasha two of the leaders of March For Our Lives San Diego. We discuss gun issues, safety and real out-of-the-box winning solutions. Our leaders in the Congress, White House and Judicial systems are failing us on either side of the aisle.  The following YouTube video has more details on ways we can improve safety.


When we compare gun security in America corporation with other countries such as England, Japan, Netherlands who statistically have  much better security than America we learn why are leaders are failing us.
It’s much more important that USA  corporations and lobbyists like the NRA National Rifle Association are making a lot of money however there has to be some new solutions for dealing with what has become all to common on the media; police shootings, school shootings and increased shootings in our government projects and disadvantaged areas. 
End Gun Violence

End Gun Violence

Lives are lost daily in our America corporation all in the name of making money for UCA United Corporations of America, “We are not a country like the Netherlands, Finland and Norway where government is much more about ways to help people through social services rather than helping the corporations” says Daniel Roy Baron the President of Win News Network.  We can look at how other countries do things and try to incorporate some of their ideas that work into helping America become a country. 
The need is to help bring together both gun advocates and those against guns.  To help end gun violence in America and others continent like Africa, Asia and world-wide.  We need a governing body forums from all the countries coming up with ideas to form a national forum that joins hands together with a government officials to end gun violence and its main site could be an NGO Non Governmental Organization to work on ideas for resolutions with gun owner advocates and those against guns for a safer world.
Having finger print recognition on weapons is one step for increasing gun safety.  The country Switzerland has it’s citizens owning guns however it teaches it’s people on how to lock up their guns, clean them and all the necessary steps to be safe gun owners.  This is one of the hardest social issues we have out there.  We need to hear from you, what are your ideas on helping bring better gun control?
Bad guys will always be able to get guns because they are available to be bought anywhere for the highest bidder.  Statistically the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  There are numerous cases of people being alive who used guns to defend themselves in their own homes.  We have to breathe in all of these realities to really address gun control from both sides.  
How would we ensure that good guys with clean records and no mental illness be able to own guns with safety and training meanwhile stop bad guys from getting guns?
We should be the USA United States of America however sadly in both how we handle gun control and other issues in America you’ll see time again that we fail as a country however sadly shine as a corporation.
When: Saturday, March 24, 10:00 AM PST at Waterfront Park 1600 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA 92101
The San Diego and all American communities have heard the call from our kids, the survivors of the school shooting in Florida who did a march on Washington and across the country to demand our leaders take better actions on improving gun control and ending gun violence.
March For Our Lives

March For Our Lives


Please leave your comments ideas and suggestions in the comments on how you feel about this topic and ways we can have a safer America?  We depend on ideas, suggestions and comments to help bring resolution to our greatest social issues so we can help collaborate America to be an actual country that has greater compassion for it’s people.

Let us all collaborate and see how we may bring an end to gun violence in America and world-wide through citizens enacting Freedom of Speech protests ends gun violence in America through freedom of speech protests to help our leaders listen to their constituents.  Both gun owners and those against guns have an opportunity to come together through these rallies to try and collaborate ways to get past violence in our schools and communities. 

Learn more about March For Our Lives San Diego important freedom of speech protest and why it’s important for you to attend and share this event at their facebook page:
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Author, radio host, traveler, producer, 20+ years of quality assurance expertise, project manager, CEO, quality assurance expert and Entrepreneur, Daniel Roy Baron Announces his 2020 clear vision candidacy of how the 2020  President of the United States of America should be.  Daniel would be the first presidential candidate to help bring real human being quality assurance morality and honesty to the federal government.

Looking Glass Shattered

Looking Glass Shattered


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Mr. Baron has over twenty years of Quality Assurance expertise from project management professional PMP, Six Sigma, ISO9000, project management and he learned from his meetings with retired CIA operatives, admirals, generals, news bureau chiefs, law enforcement, FBI, journalists, broadcasters, authors, government housing, social workers, veterans, fortune 500 CEO’s, politicians and homeless what are all the issues and how to help resolve them. 

I see a country where fifty-one percent of workers in the United States make less than thirty thousand dollars a year and millions of people are without employment, underemployed or working two or more part-time jobs just to get by.  

Daniel Roy Baron knows that he is exactly the right candidate for the job, and that his pragmatic, honest solutions can slash through the bloat of the Federal Government, together we will America be a country. 


Social Services

Social Services


United Corporations of America

United Corporations of America

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March For Our Lives

It is time to go back in time and take the best parts of the 1970s America I grew up in where we supported Mom and Pop type local business and peace officers supporting people instead of law enforcement which supports corporations of the interests of people.  United Corporations of America and restore America back to the Collaborative States of America a REAL country again like other countries who CARE about their people with good social services such as countries like the Netherlands, Finland and Norway.  #MakeAmericaACountry

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